HUION 11.6 Inch Kamvas 12 Graphic Tablet Monitor Anti-glare Screen Tilt Support Drawing Pen Display Battery-Free Digital Stylus

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AG Screen Protector

① Alleviate the glare effect caused by surroundings and impove the brightness.

② Matte finish that is more similar to the texture of paper.

Full-laminated screen

①Parallax is minimized as the air gap between the IPS screen and AG glass is eliminated.

②More luminace comes through the AG glss and thus an optimized drawing experience.

120% sRGB color gamut

*Boasting 16.7M(8bit)display colors, 120% sRGB color gamut ensures a better display effect with more natural colors.

8192 levels of pressure sensitivity

Enables lines input to be rendered in various thickness just like real pen work on the paper.

5080LPI Pen Resolution

Works together with the latest battery-free digital pen PW517 to ensure a more clear image with delicate details.

PenTech 3.0 Battery-free Pen

① Lower Magnetic Core Position, Higher Drawing Accuracy

② The magnetic core is only 3.5mm above the pen nib of PW517, and thus brings higher drawing accuracy.

Tilt support

① Brush can be tilted in the range of 60 degrees without compromising accuracy.
② Various drawing techniques.
③ A more lifelike drawing experience.

Press Key

① 8 programmable press keys are created to maximize your working efficiency.
② The concave surface of press key to optimize user experience.
③ User-friendly design with Braille on keys to facilitate your operation.

OSD Menu

switch between OSD menu & shortcut key functions:

① Long press K4 and K5 for about 3 seconds to call up the OSD menu. The green power indicator will flash and the function of K2, K3, K6 and K7 will be switched as follow.

② K2:This button can be used to automatically adjust the canvas, and when it comes to the OSD menu, it will serve as a return key.

③ K3:Button to call up OSD menu. On OSD menu, it will serve as a key for you to confirm your operation.

④ K6: Button that is equivalant to “+”. You can use it as Up or Right key.

⑤ K7: Button that is equivalant to “-”. You can use it as Down or Left key.

⑥ quit OSD menu: Long press K4 and K5 for about 3 seconds.

Connectivity with Android Device

*Support usability on phones via USB-C to USB-C cable (optional) connection.

Pen Tablet Mode

*Pen Tablet mode will be activated when the screen is off, which helps save power to offer a longer working time.

Method to activate Pen Tablet Mode:

① In case the pen display is off, just connect the pen display to the laptop with a USB cable and power the laptop on.

② In case the pen display is on, please power it off first and then reinsert the male plug of the USB cable to the pen display.

3-in-1 Cable(HDMI Mode):

*Insert the USB-C male plug of the 3-in-1 cable to the USB-C port on the device ①, and then connect the HDMI and the black USB-A cables to the PC respectively.

*If the output voltage of PC is insufficient, in such case, you need to insert the red male plug of 3-in-1 cable into a power adapter/USB 3.0(or above) port.

USB-C to USB-C Cable(DP Mode):

*Connect the pen display to PC or Android device with the USB-C to USB-C cable(optional) via port ②,

* When an Android phone/tablet is connected or the guage of laptop is insufficient, please use the USB power adaptor(optional on K12/K13,standard on K16 ) and USB charger cable(optional) /3-in-1 cable to power up the device via port ①.

What’s in the box

1, digital pen
2, pen nib×10
3, pen holder
4, pen clip
5, pen display (2 colors)
6, 3-in-1 USB-C cable
7, extension cable
8, quick start guide
9, warranty card
10, cleaning cloth
11, glove

*USB-C to USB-C cable and foldable stand are optional

Brand Name



Mainland China

Tablet Width

197 mm

Tablet length


Interface Type


Pressure Levels





Pen Tablet Monitor, Digital Tablets

Resolution Ratio


Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080




ABS and Plastics

Panel Size

11.6 inch(Diagonal)

Contrast Ratio




Response Time


Color Gamut

120% sRGB

Display Color


Pen Technology

Battery-free EMR

Sensing Height


Pen Model


Video Interface

3-in-1 USB-C interface ; Full-featured USB-C

Press Key

8 Programmable Press Keys


330.25*197* 11.8mm


Cosmo Black/Starfish Orange

Surface Finish

Anti-glare matte film

Full Lamination


OS Support

Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later Android (USB3.1 DP1.2)

Net Weight


Viewing Angle

170 degree

active area


15 reviews for HUION 11.6 Inch Kamvas 12 Graphic Tablet Monitor Anti-glare Screen Tilt Support Drawing Pen Display Battery-Free Digital Stylus

  1. Aliya Fernandez

    Country: RU

    A good tablet, I immediately ordered a type C wire for it. Did not immediately make friends with MacBook, but made friends) one wire at a time, without additional plugging into the socket

  2. Diedra Spath

    Country: BY

    Excellent machine, two times cheaper than in stores. Very fast delivery to Minsk, for which the seller is very grateful!
    For some reason other sellers from Russia do not want to deliver to Belarus

  3. Micael Montes

    Country: RU

    Nice tablet, kid likes it. You need to connect USB + HDMI, then the screen works, otherwise we did not succeed, although the instructions only say about USB

  4. Adella Tarry

    Country: UA

    Delivery 5 days. The tablet is cool. The child really liked it.

  5. Kemberly Roza

    Country: RU

    I took the tablet in order to have, in cases of need, the opportunity to look at the screen right in front of my nose, it copes with this task perfectly. As for the rest of the functionality, I would like to have the ability to preserve hotkeys for different prog in the program and their small (hotkeys) lighting would not hurt, so as not to miss in the dark (but this is a habit too).
    Well, it should be borne in mind that such devices require some amount of time to configure, they most likely will not be able to just stick in and immediately start working, quite often it takes to reinstall the same drivers in any incomprehensible situation. Not that it’s good, but you get used to it. In any case, for their money, the products are good.

  6. Bonnie Montes

    Country: BY

    Great drawing tablet. My son liked it.
    Delivery to Belarus for 5 days, from the time of order.

  7. Shante Dezern

    Country: RU
  8. Devon Huntoon

    Country: RU

    Very light. Like Feather
    You can connect as 1 wire with Type C, if there is a connector in the computer | laptop, and a 3 in 1 cable. The stand is all iron, heavy. Quality pretty
    And any position is placed.
    Lower pen from the screen. It seems somehow more fragile to the touch, but it is easy and much more convenient to draw with them. It feels like the pen from the screen is tougher, it’s even more convenient for me
    More wires for connecting to the phone put

    From the shortcomings:
    The buttons are not as dense compared to the XP-pen artist 12 pro, but they are not going to fall out and stagger. Maybe this is specially made to make it easier to press
    Plastic for the pen does not seem as strong as that of Huion h430p (special edition for Russia, for the regular version it is different), which of course is a little sad

  9. Alisa Watts

    Country: RU
  10. Dieter Krist

    Country: UA

    I like everything, it’s good for my money

  11. Gérald Courbet

    Country: RU

    Downloaded and installed the driver on the laptop. Unpacked the tablet, connected, set up an extended screen (not duplicated). In the tablet settings (manipulating the laptop mouse-the pen does not work at this time) transferred the working area to the tablet screen. The tablet began to react to the pen. Everything works fine. Super!!! 5 out of 5!

  12. Lorean Soni

    Country: US
  13. Winston Hyde

    Country: RU

    Checked! Works perfectly. It remains to customize. Daughter will be.

  14. Alpha Um

    Country: RU

    The order was paid on March 13, sent on March 24, sent for a very long time, but within the regulated time frame, the seller is in touch with the messages, they put an additional cord as an apology for the long shipment, they could not understand where the shipment was from, they chose delivery from Russia, it reached Yekaterinburg in 10 days. In appearance everything seems to be fine, the work was not checked, because Bought as a gift, there was no additional protection when packing, an ordinary cardboard box and all…

  15. Clarita Pursell

    Country: RU

    Great Tablet, beautiful colors many options to connect to the computer. The stand is chic thin and holds normally.

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